No Inspiration For A Long Time

Hi, Everyone!




It’s been such long time not keeping up with my blog. I am super away recovering from the surgery, still on my 11-week post op PT sessions and soon I am going to see my doctor for my 3rd post op appointment. The doctor will update me on everything. I am still working hard, and back at work, focus, my mind gets fried by Fridays I am completely exhausted, this past weekend I just felt like sleeping, it was crazy. All day clicking buttons is not an easy task, is more a challenge, than ever. I get home and I am literally ready to chill and sometimes to just catch on my sleep.
Forget about this boring work talking and let me share the greatest thing I want to share with you all.  I am so excited to announce my new goals for 2017 which I am studying hard in Digital Media Marketing and intend to scale my skills not to up high, but with the intent to get there. Work is stressful, and if your job is not please recommend me because I can sign a deal today.
I am spinning my brain into digital marketing topics, learning, absorbing. What is very cool about the process is that I just can absorb all but is hard to put all in writing, I am just taking baby steps, it similar to learning a language process. Takes time to read, speak, understand and master writing, right? The most exciting of learning everything is that I am very passionate for that, and without passion is tough to make work and succeed. I am very grateful for my current job that actually leads me to discover what I enjoy doing. I know things are not that easy but I think is very important to find one single glimpse of light somewhere, way hard to spot on and be thankful for… heck! if you think int he brighter side things could be way worst!

I am so excited with my new toy which is a brand new Mac computer where I can do all sorts of work on it and easy and fast, super excited and which makes me work more than I used to on a Chromebook – Super Happy! While I was working I was writing my first digital media tip ever, which is….. Blogging! I know I have been not blogging much, but my brain cannot share in two that quick!

I feel so in debt with my readers, OMG! I am taking so many classes that get a point my mind blows away and I don’t have time for a workout and meet my friends Eventually, all this will be balanced. Work and Study is a challenging task but sets you off in the future.

Blogging for me It was always something to share, now things seem so peaceful and so grateful… better whisper before things change.  Funny I am saying this, I just created a new blog just for my digital media marketing and hope I get great supporters and great people interested to learn, and to share.

Here is my new survey link from my first project I invite you to take few minutes and answer 4 questions, and won’t take more than 3 minutes and check the bonus question as well. I wish you all a Happy Success and let’s keep blogging.

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