10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

fullsizeoutput_5cfI am sure you haven’t seen on TV and Probably never will. The last thing as if I win million dollars definitely know one would not know about that neither. I am just simple as I can do be human as I am.

Here is the list you might not know about me

  1. I am Brazilian. That is why my writing is not perfect. Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing to do. I wish I could have enough money to invest in writing classes but since I don’t, I will continue to do what I can.
  2. I used to be a house cleaner and babysitter.
  3. I was a victim of domestic violence and I stand up tall to advocate any women in such situation.
  4. I am Italian and Brazilian but according to my  23andMe test, it shows that I am 2% African as well.
  5. I had mild cervical cancer, nothing major but it was enough to scare the hell of my soul.
  6. I used to be a Life Coaching for women and couples in dating relationships.
  7. I have worked for Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) as a Volunteer Overseas and I know the World of Soccer.
  8. I work for a major social media company which I can’t state the name, Sorry 😦
  9. I was a Belly Dancer for 17 years of my life until I decided to dance country instead. But due to a hip injury, I did not have the financial means to continue the career and potential health risk.
  10. I dropped out of College because school doesn’t seem to work for me and neither does being in debt



No Inspiration For A Long Time

Hi, Everyone!




It’s been such long time not keeping up with my blog. I am super away recovering from the surgery, still on my 11-week post op PT sessions and soon I am going to see my doctor for my 3rd post op appointment. The doctor will update me on everything. I am still working hard, and back at work, focus, my mind gets fried by Fridays I am completely exhausted, this past weekend I just felt like sleeping, it was crazy. All day clicking buttons is not an easy task, is more a challenge, than ever. I get home and I am literally ready to chill and sometimes to just catch on my sleep.
Forget about this boring work talking and let me share the greatest thing I want to share with you all.  I am so excited to announce my new goals for 2017 which I am studying hard in Digital Media Marketing and intend to scale my skills not to up high, but with the intent to get there. Work is stressful, and if your job is not please recommend me because I can sign a deal today.
I am spinning my brain into digital marketing topics, learning, absorbing. What is very cool about the process is that I just can absorb all but is hard to put all in writing, I am just taking baby steps, it similar to learning a language process. Takes time to read, speak, understand and master writing, right? The most exciting of learning everything is that I am very passionate for that, and without passion is tough to make work and succeed. I am very grateful for my current job that actually leads me to discover what I enjoy doing. I know things are not that easy but I think is very important to find one single glimpse of light somewhere, way hard to spot on and be thankful for… heck! if you think int he brighter side things could be way worst!

I am so excited with my new toy which is a brand new Mac computer where I can do all sorts of work on it and easy and fast, super excited and which makes me work more than I used to on a Chromebook – Super Happy! While I was working I was writing my first digital media tip ever, which is….. Blogging! I know I have been not blogging much, but my brain cannot share in two that quick!

I feel so in debt with my readers, OMG! I am taking so many classes that get a point my mind blows away and I don’t have time for a workout and meet my friends Eventually, all this will be balanced. Work and Study is a challenging task but sets you off in the future.

Blogging for me It was always something to share, now things seem so peaceful and so grateful… better whisper before things change.  Funny I am saying this, I just created a new blog just for my digital media marketing and hope I get great supporters and great people interested to learn, and to share.

Here is my new survey link from my first project I invite you to take few minutes and answer 4 questions, and won’t take more than 3 minutes and check the bonus question as well. I wish you all a Happy Success and let’s keep blogging.


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Good-Bye old year and Happy 2017



If you wish to repeat things in 2016, what would that be?

I believe you would say all the good things that happened thru out the year, right?

Well, I would wish that too, but we know is not always good things life is about to have – we don’t want bad things to happen, but is impossible to stop everything,  contrary to that we can be open for the changes and for the lesson life experiences brings.

I am grateful that I had 2016 full of ups and downs. Some experiences helped me be a better person, a better soul and be friendly to some and trace boundaries to others, the experiences I faced in 2016  was meant to be for me. I did not only achieved great things such as my legal residency in the USA for next 1o years, but I achieved the dream to work on a project that I enjoy every day. I felt like 2016 was wearing a new glasses or those Samsung gadgets that we wear and change our mind life dimensions but we get to live daily without glasses. Some moments were scary, were fun, were exciting and others were sad – Denying the changes in life is just like expecting anything to happen.

Our mindset and desire of life play a huge role in our lives. Wanting, needing and dreaming are part of life and when things happen we need to embrace fearlessly.

I have embraced a year of moments of the tear, joy, exciting, relief and new directions and things that I thought would be impossible was possible, things that I thought would not work out, it worked out.

Life brings opportunities and sometimes wake-up calls. 2016 was a year of awakening, discoverings, learning and healings. Building my relationship with my faith and with myself.

Some got to have so much and some others got to have nothing. Where were you standing?

The gratitude of the year relies on our hearts, the important things the living, the sharing, the blending and to make the best of our relationships in general. It is important to take a time to know who will be my future interactions, where we will go, see, visit? How we will achieve certain things or manage situations? and When things could be realistically fulfilled? What are the most influential past achievements I can always watch over again to continue to endure in this positive wave?

What? Where?, Who?, When? and How? are the great ways to guide you in this new 2017. Talking about a new year is just like another continuation of things nothing specifically changes but we wait that in 365 days in a year’s things will be noticeable.

I believe we all we have the gift to jump in 2017 with this ability to continue to fight, dream, and chase for things that are worth for each of us and to prioritize life.

For me, 2016 was a year word “faith and persist”.  What was yours? Maybe a year of endurance? Strenght? Faith?

2017 is the year that I have in mind to make changes in the things that I feel I could improve or be better. Despite what is my position or yours you can always make a room or space to better self emotionally, financially, and physically etc.

We all have to have one main goal is to accept who we are in the first place before you prepare and run for your new 2017.

2017 is number 1 year in numerology which means a year of beginnings and new things, new people, new, new and new! Image your life surround by new things! Doesn’t feel good new home, new clothes, new car, new books, everything new we get we tend to get excited about it, right? So, enjoy the new life will bring to you in this NEW year.

Don’t renew things accept the brand new in your life! Your battles will be over and I will be a NEW ME and you will be  NEW YOU in a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Fighting for a Chance



My first day of “vacation” which is been more like a “staycation” since 2006 but to make a good staycation I wrote down my insane get done list not a to do, because it will never be done, but my “get done” list.

Woke up this morning and drove to several organizations that helps people with Immigration paperwork, not that I am an illegal with problems, I am super legal and willing to get my Citizenship but before that I am fighting to pay less for my Adjustment of Status.

I got rejected in few organizations and the only hope I had was the Catholic Charities of Diocese of Austin. Don’t think those organizations are free, they aren’t! cruel as it is, those organizations needs money to keep running so won’t be as much as a private service, but after attempting many times for free services I learned that nothing is free, is cheaper.

I was really well received and I had to pay a small fee for consultation and I had to come back for an appointment at 1 pm. So I am signing my contract with them in August but the struggle is not over here, is the immigration fees are expensive and I have to pay for one that is $1070 + $550 for the lawyer services.

I fought for this and I think I still deserve, I understand all the benefit wasn’t the best circumstance, but I have to be grateful regardless, God doesn’t give anything that you cannot handle, it hurt, it was tough, but I survived, and now if giving me the gift to choose but to never give up. I live here for 12 years and I want to make my dreams come true. Anyone who want to get better opportunities and achieve their goals I am so in favor of that as long is harmless and more inspiring and encouraging for people I am so in.

As I finally sit here in my empty living room and having a picnic eating my pizza and enjoying my lemonade I am glad to share that I am thrilled that I finally found a place, a source, to get the start my immigration process. I have request prayers  and doors and windows to open up with blessings  – I cannot afford anything unless  continuing the survival life.  The journey is a huge sacrifice and I have a long way to go and I am not sure if fortunately or unfortunately but somethings got to be over in order to new things unfold. I cannot find an easy solution for the financial battle waits ahead of me, but I need to make the right changes for mine future get the right direction.  I am stronger in the Lord.  I am positive that God will make things easier this time. I drove about 50 miles fighting for a chance and it was worth!  It was hard knocking door to door each time I got a no I pull over to cry but also to pray and ask for Mercy!

I will never lost faith!

God Bless you