Hip Labrum and FAI – PT Recovery

Hey, Folks!

Well, is been few days but I took more time to rest and get myself more organized this past few day. I am very happy to share that I have started my PT sessions and found a great place to kick off with great professionals; not much work to start out, but I had a great opportunity to know what to expect in the next sessions ahead.

I felt sore next day but very mild, nothing painful. I handled!  I have done some stubborn walking around the house. Urg… Dangerous, girl!

I had also last week my first post op appointment and things seem smooth like a butter. The doctor said I am doing great compared to some of his patients, is not everyone recovers in the same level. Recovery is a crucial part of going back feeling 100%. It truly depends on how much I am dedicating to continue the healing and requires a bit of discipline to keep up with good work.

The doctor also responds few questions but the good one is that  I can workout upper body and stay 5 weeks on crutches and have 8 weeks of PT once a week. So it isn’t bad as it looks, plus it isn’t forever.

Part of the whole deal feels like the time is going slow, but when I look back and see how much I survived it is amazing. The worst has passed!

I also had a good opportunity to do amazing things at home, like blogging, catching up with my fave shows and movies.

I love it all parts of the resting, but if you ask me if I would do all over again, I would but differently.

Yesterday, I submitted a feedback review for the Hospital as they requested and I had to be quite honest – I was rushed out after recovery like crazy, it was really stressful, zero respect!  OM goodness! I would never go back to that hospital again, for sure.

Let’s focus on the now, right?!

I did tons of things that put me into full recovery mode, mind, body, and soul! I hang at the pool this weekend 90 degrees here in Austin TX, super hot this Saturday. It feels nice to do something light and outdoor that don’t require much of my physical. I was super boring the entire weekend, for someone super active like me as to put up with the slow motion life, it the truly tough habit to grasp!

Anyways, I feel like new person adjusting at this point. I am back at work and feeling frustrating a little bit, part of the big frustrations are the walking around in crutches, it is tough, bathroom, lunch room, and halls back and forth. I stay in a special desk that raises when needed so helps 90% of the time.

My second PT appointment will be Thursday and hopefully will be a great one! Can’t wait! Super Excited! I am looking forward to the recovery.

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