Hip Labrum and FAI – PT Recovery

Hey, Folks!

Well, is been few days but I took more time to rest and get myself more organized this past few day. I am very happy to share that I have started my PT sessions and found a great place to kick off with great professionals; not much work to start out, but I had a great opportunity to know what to expect in the next sessions ahead.

I felt sore next day but very mild, nothing painful. I handled!  I have done some stubborn walking around the house. Urg… Dangerous, girl!

I had also last week my first post op appointment and things seem smooth like a butter. The doctor said I am doing great compared to some of his patients, is not everyone recovers in the same level. Recovery is a crucial part of going back feeling 100%. It truly depends on how much I am dedicating to continue the healing and requires a bit of discipline to keep up with good work.

The doctor also responds few questions but the good one is that  I can workout upper body and stay 5 weeks on crutches and have 8 weeks of PT once a week. So it isn’t bad as it looks, plus it isn’t forever.

Part of the whole deal feels like the time is going slow, but when I look back and see how much I survived it is amazing. The worst has passed!

I also had a good opportunity to do amazing things at home, like blogging, catching up with my fave shows and movies.

I love it all parts of the resting, but if you ask me if I would do all over again, I would but differently.

Yesterday, I submitted a feedback review for the Hospital as they requested and I had to be quite honest – I was rushed out after recovery like crazy, it was really stressful, zero respect!  OM goodness! I would never go back to that hospital again, for sure.

Let’s focus on the now, right?!

I did tons of things that put me into full recovery mode, mind, body, and soul! I hang at the pool this weekend 90 degrees here in Austin TX, super hot this Saturday. It feels nice to do something light and outdoor that don’t require much of my physical. I was super boring the entire weekend, for someone super active like me as to put up with the slow motion life, it the truly tough habit to grasp!

Anyways, I feel like new person adjusting at this point. I am back at work and feeling frustrating a little bit, part of the big frustrations are the walking around in crutches, it is tough, bathroom, lunch room, and halls back and forth. I stay in a special desk that raises when needed so helps 90% of the time.

My second PT appointment will be Thursday and hopefully will be a great one! Can’t wait! Super Excited! I am looking forward to the recovery.

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My Surgery Experience – Hip Arthroscopy Tear Labrum Repair and FAI

Post op 7th Day Recovering

One week is gone and I am still recovering with some pain but no medications thankfully, which has caused severe constipation and I finally had my bowel movement, halleluiah! After dramatic crying on my boyfriend’s shoulders, I decided to take the glycol powder laxative is very mild if taking right dosage. Amazing how that helped me; it is been a painful process but is the best. I had that from the previous time I had to take medications for pain, during my car accident recovering and felt constipated but never needed to take Glycol just change nutrition intake was enough to help me to make things change.  At this time it was really bad and I took Glycol with some water and boom! Such a relief feeling! Oh boy!

I am now for 7 days at home and been dealing with a crap TWC internet service which is the most dramatic process ever. Three technicians came to my house to fix a drop internet service – one week 3 tech visits, seriously?  and I have been paying cheap service to check emails and browse online which in one year never had problems but this time has been a nightmare.

I attempted to call research the opportunity with AT&T and sucks I can’t have it approved because ATT claims a $1000 bill in data usage of my old wireless account of  3 years ago for 10 years of relationship I had with them and since they can’t proof in papers what is the issue, they just went ahead and deny service. Beautiful, huh?! This is the world we are living! Not surprising I have been receiving checks of refunds of data for their lost lawsuits with federal trade department and each time proofs AT&T is under watch.

I have been having a terrible experience with Spectrum former TWC and imagine why someone bought it! I don’t see any future with this companies. I heard serious stories that I am from those technicians visiting my place, and didn’t sound professional but is the reality of this monopoly game with companies like this – they don’t deserve to succeed by misleading people while consumers are paying for a service and no service is been provided. It is super wrong!

Back into my recovering… I have been having a lower back pain and as I am looking for any form solution besides ice and heating pad I decided to flip my mattress to sleep, even though my mattress is not the double side, I had to flip anyways because we seemed to be syncing in a South Arabian sand called desert of Sahara while sleeping and I am waking up feeling awful body pain.

Socially speaking I had my first out and about and went to a happy hour and happy day and then we went to a karaoke see a couple of friends and left early, just a chill day for a chill couples. Funny how people look to you while walking in crunched, they are seeking the problem by X-ray vision on you and the problem is hidden!  Some people ask if I did hurt my feet I literally said: why my feet look fine!!!

Anyways…It was great, and confessing my sins I drank a little bit but my boyfriend was driving and since I’m not taking any medications it was great to feel normal for a bit. At least! Couple beers don’t kill!

It truly sucks not having full motion of your body and not able to be walking, as not yet fully active – I am slow motion person and no moving and the recovering is very long for someone who is zero patient with life and like me. I can handle but takes a lot bump on the roads to keep going.

At this point I am trying my best here to deal with the short-term leaving paycheck which will be less than I can manage and also with the pressure of the small medical bills and the monthly bill that I normally pay, it sucks the whole medical thing not only messes your body but your life in general. Some things are really stressful. Sometimes I feel completely losing my mind; hopefully things can change soon but for now, I am still grateful.


My Surgery Experience – My Hip Artrhoscopy Labrum Repair and FAI – Part 3

Post op day 5:

That morning I took one surgical dressing off. I was scared, but the incisions looked good. The other incision is still with butterfly straps on it and did not come off yet.   I was also instructed to watch for fluid that oozed a green/yellow color, which may also be a sign of infection. As instructed, I replaced dressing with a few breathable, sterile band-aids over the incisions after a shower, I try to keep the area always dry and for today was pretty ok, not many changes but it was hard sleeping and the pain in the glutes and lower back keeps oscillating. I put ice in the morning. The night was ok… but still dealing with constipation and no bowel movements yet. Last night I tried to put some heating pat on the back to see if releases the tensions.

No medications are taken except for a simple Tylenol before bedtime. I could manage the pain and deal with a clean organism with those pain meds that just makes me more constipated and more feeling wacky Incisions Day 6, labrum arthroscopy

Incisions Day 6

Today is my day 6 of recovering –  Happy Hump Day! Last week today I was ok, today it is not okay, but I got out of my room and went to the pool just to get some sun and feel better. I had a nice dinner cooking food from hometown. I felt better. Felt like is slowly getting better.

I spent the whole afternoon without the stocking because that thing really annoys but I will wear at bedtime.

I still have one incision still intact nothing came out yet. I have band aids on it to make sure is fine.  I feel fine but limping and walking with crutches for support and not twisting the hips.


I took a lot of rest this morning and had late lunch at 3 pm. I had some mash potatoes and steak leftovers from last night for lunch. I feel more normal, but still no bowel movement. I literally stop the meds thru the day nothing was taken and decided to easy on the intake and had nothing heavy for breakfast just my normal yogurt with Probiotics and decided to just drink more water than normally I take and have some faith. I went to the pool and chill out for a bit was nice outside nice breeze and warm feeling. It was hard to sit still on those pool chairs the back hurts I have to keep spinning like a rotisserie chicken.

Also had a nice Brazilian meal for dinner that felt like been home during pain recovering.

I hope that I can sleep tonight.



A Time Away From Dancing


For years in my dance career, between shows, events, weddings, solos, duets and shaking until the feet, body was exhausted plus pictures, gratitude, counting, plus the appreciations and starting all over again weekly and monthly basis this was my life, living a passionate hobby that feels like I couldn’t stop but as we all know some tournaments have pauses and seasons, shows has come backs and a moment to recharge is always good. This time will take some routing changings. The past few months after my last training and teaching classes I never have experienced such a journey, dealing with joint paint, one of the most common issues in the world. The single pain has changed so much of my daily routine and life itself, that is very intense learning and going thru the process.

I have taken breaks from dancing for so many reasons because without feeling happy is hard to find the tune with the moves. Pain is not a happy thing!  Dancing put me in many happy and fun places. It is nothing in life that brings me more joy and inspiration than dancing.

I wish I could do more, but dancing, eating healthy, exercising was not only the point as too much of what you do can do, it might impact you positively but as well negatively.

I have been dealing with a pain in my hip and with so many investigations thru different doctors, X-Ray and MRI’s taken. We concluded the research that is absolutely a Tear Labral with Hip Impingement FAI that needs to be taken care and after a Shot of Anesthesia to numb the location and observe the process of pain we come to the conclusion that the doctor was not as professional as we wanted to be, back to square one, we decided to find another competent Orthopaedic Surgeon and  one of the best doctors in Austin for athletic individuals who go thru tough sports injuries and need to get fix and he actually helped me get clarification and more attention to this situation.

After consultations and exams at the same day, I walked out confident enough after the first appointment and since I don’t have time and many options we made a decision that would be better to make a procedure instead of more injections.

Dealing with the pain put me in the terrible mood. I kept thinking I can’t believe I am going thru this. Some people think is no big deal, another thing is serious, and most of the people who went thru this roller coaster know what is to be in it.

I love dancing and miss going to that routine, friends, every Friday night an opportunity to decompress… but healthy comes first as I advise.

After reading, watching videos, listening to many people I understood that hip injuries, traumas and problems like mine with procedures are very common in middle age, or among dancers and athletes. I could never in my life imagine a hip going bad. I have torn my ankle, my knee but a hip! Get out of town, right!

So many hip exercises which are intense hip exercises as a belly dancer that never thought it could be that possible. Insane!

Acetabular dysplasia. Some people are born with a hip socket that is too shallow or too deep. They usually have a very good range of motion— sometimes too good. This type of hip is very prone to labral tears and early arthritis and should not be turned out at all. This condition can be picked up on an MRI study. Acetabular dysplasia is not common, can easily rotate the hip partly out of a socket that is already too shallow. These dancers should dance parallel to protect their hips for situations like mine.

Labral tears are characterized by sudden pains in the groin that often occur with certain motions like moving sideways,  hip drops, twisting, turning, sitting and standing is painful. There is a specific test for labral tears during the physical exam: With the patient lying down on her back (supine), the affected hip is flexed first straight up toward the chest with the knee bent. This is usually not painful. But when the knee is brought up in the same motion but more toward the midline (addicted) it will cause pain in the hip if a labral tear is present. That’s “the flexion-adduction sign.” It is not 100 percent accurate, but is highly suggestive and is usually an indication for getting a special MRI. Some labral tears are not very painful, so a physician will just keep an eye on it over time. If it gets worse, the dancer/athlete may need arthroscopic surgery to fix the problem, like me… I am going under a surgery next April 20 to get this over with it – will be my first procedure in my body performed, over had any hospital experience regarding surgeries, as you can imagine I am freaking out. I got to the point enough is enough… the pain is affecting my routine and my social life. I need to be back into my normal lifestyle, dancing and dedicating myself back on a stage.

Dancers who deal with it may be prone to arthritis of the hip later in life, but this is not known for sure because the condition often occurs even in non-dancers. Symptomatic arthritis is the usual indication for a hip replacement.

Thankfully I have found in time a good partner to support me in this process, without the support, it is hard, especially if the injury has taken activities is been a scratch out of the list. Having good things happening in the background is all you need to keep going. I plan to keep positive with the details. I confess I am scared but as any other procedure, it will take time and as first-time trooper is normal.

I am glad I have a good partner, good doctor, a good job and few friends to be there and encourage me to come back on the floor feeling brand new.

Discipline and courage are needed and I will be back in training again soon. Surgery takes time and all depends on my recovery I will be away from work and of course in physical therapy for  5 months. It is better going thru this now than having serious problems later in old age. Dancing is fun but limitation should be never be ignored.

Visit your doctor if you face hip pain and check out for details.

Happy Dancing for all my readers! Until next week with more updates!