How to Comunicate without losing it?

We communicate with peers or anyone around us daily basis and is essential to state clear question, to receive clear answers, but not always the word you place in question is same meaning in context, as instance compassion for you might be something totally different for me, while the dictionary might check one of our meanings or none. Curious to say, I spent years in coaching classes and coaching relationship communications back in 2007 when social media start to transfer voice to online versus face to face, while some have been placing silence in the real world others are not so worried about communication techniques or practicing placing a positive two-way road dialogue.
To carry a win win talking with your peers suggest this simple phrase when you do find the opportunity.


 What do you mean by_____________?
Then share your meanings and see what understand you can contribute to having positive and great communication in all scenarios of life. We tend to take this exercise as teaching us to accept one another as they believe and not make changes where is not such strong right or wrong.
Remember that we have two ears for one reason and one month. To listen more and speak less. As long as you will speak the essential only then you are doing great!
See you!