10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

fullsizeoutput_5cfI am sure you haven’t seen on TV and Probably never will. The last thing as if I win million dollars definitely know one would not know about that neither. I am just simple as I can do be human as I am.

Here is the list you might not know about me

  1. I am Brazilian. That is why my writing is not perfect. Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing to do. I wish I could have enough money to invest in writing classes but since I don’t, I will continue to do what I can.
  2. I used to be a house cleaner and babysitter.
  3. I was a victim of domestic violence and I stand up tall to advocate any women in such situation.
  4. I am Italian and Brazilian but according to my  23andMe test, it shows that I am 2% African as well.
  5. I had mild cervical cancer, nothing major but it was enough to scare the hell of my soul.
  6. I used to be a Life Coaching for women and couples in dating relationships.
  7. I have worked for Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) as a Volunteer Overseas and I know the World of Soccer.
  8. I work for a major social media company which I can’t state the name, Sorry 😦
  9. I was a Belly Dancer for 17 years of my life until I decided to dance country instead. But due to a hip injury, I did not have the financial means to continue the career and potential health risk.
  10. I dropped out of College because school doesn’t seem to work for me and neither does being in debt



How to get the life you want?

What’s up Socials?

Hope you guys are having a great and fantastic week, and shout out, it is finally Friday, right?

I do have to say Friday is the day of joy, weekend on the way and no work to do, hmmm at least, maybe for you all.

Part of wanting to build the life you want is certainly enjoying the steps life has been offering you. That is nothing terrible than you waking up every day and going to bed every day and not knowing what life can present you or be noticing that something great is present.

Part of me going thru horrible experiences was the part of great results and is nothing to be regretting in life besides be more grateful because what happens to you today will unveil what is for tomorrow.

I have a very decent life comparing to the world out there, but people tend to lack more courage, confidence, and balance besides just money, money might take you anywhere but you need emotional balance in order to be stand out with your money.


Here is a basically narrow down the thing will definitely assist you to achieve the life you want.

  1. Clarity. Having clarity is hard, and life experiences changes, unexpecting things happen, and our decisions and plans are always crashing but is with those moments you can make the overall decision of what is best. For me having to deal with so much discrimination, and setbacks mentally, emotionally and physically I decided to be clear about what I want instead of just waiting for the moment. I get that sometimes you are going thru a lot and is confusing to get clarity, but try to get yourself into mindful meditations for 10 days and you will get the time to achieve clarity too, it might be a challenge for you in the beginning but just keep doing without expectations.
  2. Belief: Belief System is crucial maybe you have some faith in you, in god, or any other power but you need to keep yourself believing that things will happen to your good, not always easy but you have to state that daily out loud to yourself until your nerves start to comprehend. I have faith in God and doesn’t matter what is going on is part of his plan and anything is part of his plane is safe to be. I don’t make a sound against that. I know for sure that I lot pain I went thru had a reason, foundation, and conclusion. Today I am happy, I am fine. I believe much more other things that in my heart will happen, but I pray that thing will flow smoothly as possible.
  3. Word: Affirmation of your words is important, be respectful to yourself, chase for the things you say, collaborate with the things you promise and be true to yourself, don’t fake, don’t blame, take responsibility of your actions and act on it accordingly. If you want such a thing pursuit it. Try it, experience and do so. Don’t hide, have a voice!
  4. Lesson: Don’t ignore or try to fight against the experiences in life, and lessons are you learning, embrace and accept those will make you stronger, and to strive and be welcome in this world. I know is hard and challenging each step above it has its weights but the lessons are ways to become better and to strive to become successful in anything in life. do not ignore your lessons and take notes of how you overcome each one of them. I love to share my experiences and how I overcome each one of them because is easy to give up plus you don’t get to get anywhere,  but is hard to persist but you have higher chances to get where you want to be and achieve your goals.
  5. Celebration: Have a party, go shopping, get yourself the gift you deserve, spend, drink up but anything you deserve. Celebrating your achievements is a positive reinforcement to keep things going, and please do not get disturbed by the negative people keep up your good work because you got to work hard on your achievements and your goals to become who you are, to be where you are, and always make a huge deals of your achievements by popping up your bubbles.

Folks, don’t let the dark follow you, be always strong, and strive always for more and be social and happy. Life has much more than just bad and sad experiences you still can achieve anything at any time.


How to be a Morning Person?


Good Evening Everyone I made it to the end of the day I am here posting this blog because mornings for me are made to sleep, but took me a while to become a morning person, but one thing I noticed that called my attention that keeps me up 5:30am every single day…. is that really sucks! That is right, it sucks to be up 5:30 am is too early.  The real question is what you missing if you go to bed early? It is maybe the time you go to bed. Most people complaint of waking up but we never complain about going to bed early, right? The great news is there a solution on the way, a common ground to be up running every morning on your workweek.

I used to be excited for so many things when I was a child… great times… but was never excited to go to school and wake up so early. It was always a drag! Here my common tips to practice daily basis.

Prepare: Before going to bed a night before I prepare everything beforehand my outfit, shoes, my purse, and make sure I won’t forget anything. Program my coffee machine which saves me a bunch of time.

Going to Bed in the right time: I mean right time! Not 11pm, midnight, 1am. Having my holy 8 hours of sleep is a must. I know the best time will be average 7 hrs everyone’s bodies are different. I do hit 6-8 hours weekly average according to my fit bit. The stress can affect your nights of sleep, also the alcohol so keeps in balance and in check with all those.

Get up:  Alarm Clock shouts on your room, and what you do? Snooze it! Wrong, get your ass out of the bed! Once you listen – Get the Hell Up! Sometimes accidentally it won’t wake you up again! Believe, it has happened to me. I learned in a hard way.

Move: Make your bed get active and get the mojo going.

Get Set: Get your fresh Coffee !!!! Jump in the Shower, Set your makeup and wear your set up outfit. Done! Ready to walk out of the door feeling brand new and ready to smash!

I am sure by the time you nail all this you will feel so awake and so good that you will take your morning to another level.

I remember when I changed jobs schedules and it was hard to go work from 1pm-6pm to 7am to 3pm. It was a lot of difference. Plus last year I had to stay 3 months away from work due to immigration paperwork and this year I had 2 months away from work due to a surgery. Your body needs to catch up on and off. It can make a mess!

I know is not always easy to wake up and feel energized enough to deal with all what is going to happen during the day. It is all about routine. Also the happiness of your home, environment, and work satisfaction. I know is not always perfect. Try to look to the beautiful things you still can reap the benefits and then you will feel relief and balanced.

I hate mornings too, and that is not a secret potion to change that but if you put the effort and the mental work and make the morning more enjoyable you will have better mornings, better Mondays, and better days.



Day 2 in Sao Paulo – Samba, Pagode e Capirinhas.

Probably you know  SP is a huge city with a total of 12 million people not counting with lots of cars and traffic. Despite the feeling of overwhelming emotions and excitement. We did not hesitate to enjoy the nice sites and the beautiful things the city has to offer. we know Sao Paulo can be a threat in the criminality levels but we did not want to think like that otherwise we would be 10 days fearful than happy enjoying the time of our lives. Unfortunately, we spent only 10 days, but if you have only 10 days is ok, you still can do a lot of things. I tell you that minute I landed I see how things are small and apparently out of shape. Sao Paulo is one of the biggest city with high up buildings all overs, apartments, and businesses are the deal in SP Capital.

Unfortunately, we spent only 10 days, but if you have only 10 days is ok, you still can do a lot of things. I can certainly tell you that the minute I landed I see how things are small and apparently out of shape. Sao Paulo is one of the biggest city with high up buildings all overs, apartments, and businesses are the deal in SP Capital, a mixture of old and new buildings and every curve.


I just had a great first day and enjoyed a family gathering and plannings throughout the rest of the week with friends.

We stayed in 1 Hotel the first week at Jardins by Paulista Av.

Sundays Paulista Av. Closes down and people can do walks, biking and enjoy an afternoon taking pictures and see the demographic spirit of the city most visited street with high buildings.

We did narrow 10 days to do things Matt as a gringo never seen but a lot of the things that were on our list was not able o check it out because he had it zero interest.

If you don’t like museums and arts skip that crap go to other events and parts of town.

Now, if you love bars, restaurants the city can give you great choices.

As a truly Brazilian, I want to experience my roots and that is filling myself what is authentically challenging to be found in the US –  cheese bread, pizza rodizio, Brazilian style hot dogs which is the best one in the country, pastel and of course samba, Feijoada e caipirinhas. 



Here is the link of my Vlog which I do would love to have you sharing, subscribing and enjoying the life of discovering that I have been enjoying all this time.

Check this day 2 of fun, friends, and family.



See you next Blog/Vlog



Surprise Reunion 2017 -Sao Paulo – Brazil

I have been dreaming of this day, I have been making a plan before my father past away I planned to see them waiting for me at the airport but when he past away I could not see my father, I could attend the funeral it was horrifying because I was waiting for my legal documentations and in the process I did not have a humanitarian ability to leave for such cause, my heart was shutter in peace’s and if I moved back I would never be able to accomplish my dreams here in the US. I had to find strength, pray, and simply hold myself into the arms of faith and God. It was hard brutally hard, losing my father changed everything and certainly nothing is the same when a loved one leaves everything seems different.

I wait so long to apply for my residence in the US and finally last year one day after election my case approved and I received my green card days later, it was an emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs.

I always thought I would be able to visit my family right away but certainly it did not happen, even though I got my documents I need the money for it and that would take years to save up and see them.

I always want to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister which is hard to live apart. It was hard but we still love each other, after dad past away our relationship just got stronger. I need to celebrate our birthdays one day so was a dream but not a plan.

This year is been the best year of my life I have a good job, I met a great man in my life that God rewards me with it, such an angel, hard worker and intelligent man who dreams and fight for the best for us. We are dating for less than a year but he is the best boyfriend I had in my life, there is no complaint whatsoever. We have a good relationship and very nurturing.

He shines me with a laugh, smile, and love. He makes me the best women in the world with qualities and differences. He took care of me when I had to go thru a tough hip surgery and every time he sees me off mood he cheers me up.

Matt always want to travel together somewhere but is hard for me with the hip surgery and after post-op would be ideal but I mentioned that first of taking off to another country I want to see my family and take care my father assets and see spend time with them after done I know I can go anywhere else. The last trip I had in my life was in 2006 where I spend 1 week at Disney World Orlando by myself it was fun but for some people was weird. I had a bless.

Flight tickets are expensive and I don’t have credit cards and my credit score is ok but apparently I don’t get nothing approved I have a good full-time job for a social media company and pay the bills but don’t give me a silver life.

Anyways, Matt and I decided this September for my bday to surprise my twin sister and with her best friend help we came up with a good plan.

I can’t explain the amount anxiety and no expectations I was, my heart was pounding I was with my blood streaming all over my body.  Watch and see how emotional was the great encounter of my life

Here is the link to my youtube channel to see this great adventure and the greatest trip of my life.


I turned to 2017 with a grateful heart of being.

The Highligh moments in pictures and all the joy and emotion felt is unforgettable.

Stick around for more blogging about this great moment of my life.