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Next week we are moving to




I am so excited to share that the blog is growing, taking a new path and will continue to speak personally and professionally with anyone.

I will continue to share experiences that validate people and also help in social media with the power tool as youtube and this blog we will make wonders assisting people creating great things.

I like to share great valuable life experiences because you are not alone, and also that the struggles with entrepreneur and growing your business in the world of technology is not easy and also affects our personal lives and we are constantly trying to find the best way to win the battles and lift ourselves up.

Stay tuned for more stories and great recommendations!



Struggle is Real

Yes, the struggle is real! When you work full time and are taking few hours of your day to invest in something you are passionate about will hurt you mostly than inspire you. Because that is a lot of frustration, and evil eyes around. If you don’t have the right people, the right support around you will give up easily and will regret or not. Sometimes delegating people are not even your option, is not even mine at this point.

Life is not only about work full time is about respecting yourself, living and taking breaks. I need to remind myself constantly I am human because the society makes me more a machine than a person and human. We are already facing the challenges of not missing work days, hours, and constantly delivering a number of production daily and proof to the supervisors you are more than a machine an easy soul that they can vacuum all your energy and in exchange of few words of ” Hey, great job today!”

Here is my point, if you don’t make time for your goals that is not going to have anything in life delivering that to you by your door.

Things don’t happen that easy.  It is sad but is not impossible. I have to constantly live a fantasy word by listening music all day to drift my mind from the negative thoughts that the struggles bring. At least that fantasy still keeps you up alive while you keep moving forward.

Is not an easy task to wake up everyday 5am and get ready for work and come home after 8 hrs of work feeling super exhausted and have to keep yourself sane and continue to carry on your work.

Every day after work I focus on social media schedules and content creating. I need to find a part-time job to supply the income in order to keep bills paid.

I am social media coordinator for a social media network and now I need to wear the hat for a social media creator and social media manager part-time.

I drop college for many reasons one of the reasons I drop college is because is no time to make money, live life and study. I don’t make enough to supply basic living expenses such as rent, car, gas, utilities. All that is too high already and now I am in a search for a part-time job in order to make things work.

As coming from a different country that is no value in comparing because Brazil is beautiful but no jobs and no value there. Hope one day improves, but no comparing we all struggling together. Doesn’t matter where are you the struggle follows and it depends of us working hard to make the change. I would love to be the proof to say ” is not need to work hard to have it all” but that doesn’t happen to real people who hassle in life.

It is a constantly battle to juggling with finances though that skipping the taxes will help alleviate the pain because last year i skipped the taxes for 6 months and just paid $200 back to IRS and this year is crazy the amount of taxes that I still own $2k. I wrote off everything I legally can and still. Trump wants to make taxes even worst. How in the freak word I am going to be able to survive daily?

I believe a financial plan is to budget, and yes I do have a freaking budget that is hard to guess how much your utilities will end up in the month. I also I don’t know where to find a cheap rent where is safe and close to work. I am doing what I can to decent and simple life. I ask myself all the time. Why? It is not denial and no lacking accepting.

I do have so much to be grateful but everyday I wake up and in the end of the day I go to bed freaking out that I will lose all again and face with the same experiences I went thru in the past, living in the streets because been jobless is no difference than having a job.

Job pays you but is not enough to go by.

I will get sick eventually, I will need OTC and I will have to replace my eyeglasses, I will need bandaid boxes if i cook my finger trying to chop some chicken, my point is things will go out of plan sometimes and who and what will be the solution for that?

When you hassle and work hard you hope that something might light up but is not always like that because everyone’s time is different and the good thing is everyone will have your time to shine.

I will keep up my positive attitude around my insanity and in between my struggles.

If you follow me you will see what happens.

Until next blog!

Happy Valentine’s Day


Let’s skip the whole intro and go to what matters today is Valentine’s day and very nice to spend a good time doing great things and fun things. I am not sure what is your plan but mine is to stay indoors and chill with my beloved one and spend a quiet quality time together. Matt and I met right after the Valentine’s and it is funny to think we are a year together, but we did meet for sure. I am glad that happened. It is beautiful to think someone is there for you doesn’t matter how.

One year together is a lot and we went thru few bumps but we still strong especially when we give the right time for things to just unfold.

One of the greatest things about having a partner is that being alone sucks and because we are human deserving of love, appreciation, and affection. Being a part of someone’s life is sharing, connecting, make new experiences and renewing old ones. Is to be PRESENT. Maybe your Valentine’s Day will be alone, your family, your friends or even with your dog. Just remember to love yourself, give yourself a treat, and think about the love you want.

Something was not right this morning. It was in in the air and I could sense the feeling all week.  I know the energy out there is not the best for the singles or for the ones unhappy, but this is the opportunity to love and reconnect with whomever you desire, even yourself. I came to find out that it was that people’s hearts are sometimes lost and not so close to themselves. Because they forget that once in a while loving itself is not a bad thing.

I remember when I used to nanny, the children


would make a big deal out of giving cards and candy to their sweetheart who was in fact never their beloved, but rather because they chose to gift the gift of choosing and being chosen.

Valentine’s Day for the majority is a commercial excuse for business to push flowers, chocolate and jewelry yet for others is the excuse to do something for themselves or even to do nothing and let the lovers be.

Just because Cupids arrow has not pierced your heart yet doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. It’s just the end one more commercial “holiday”. Afterwards, everything will be back to normal. Get out there and celebrate.

Talking about Valentine is not about dating. Make sure you are present in your relationship 365 days of your life and Valentine’s day won’t have to be just one single day every year.



Writing Blocks

Hello, Readers



I know its been a long time not blogging, and the reason why is because I am involved in so many creative things and one of those is my youtube channel and my desire to build my own business…. not going to happen so soon but I am dreaming for this day…

I noticed that writing in my blog is a little more than a block for me and is very difficult to self -learn and teach yourself grammar, concepts, etc…  and is not an easy way to get the right resources and you don’t even know how to star. I wish writing for me could improve or change by keep writing, but that is a topic for another day.  Certainly, I am passionate about writing content don’t take me wrong. I am originally from Brazil and writing contents can be hard coming from a different language concept.

I am in process of converting this blog soon to something unique but it will take time to make a good one.

Writing blocks are hard to overcome and depending on the tech skills I get sometimes makes harder or even helps.

I have been told that writing is crucial and people are very judgemental when you write, they tell the quality of everything based on how you write.

Honestly, it is a hard pill to swallow.

Do you believe anyone can be successful despite?

Thank You 2017

Once in my life I was a complainer, and as miserable as I was, I learned to see my behaviors not as much as a victim but as a unique person to change the table over and make something better. When I took the Aloha course, I learned that Gratitude is the most powerful tool for happiness and no one can’t take that from you because you can shape just the way you want.


Be Grateful is not only for the things you buy or achieve but is so powerful when you are grateful from the state of just been where you are right now.

When I used to coach I see people focus more on superficial things than just the living things that you have to face because you can’t change, can you be grateful from odd things you can change in life? Of course, you won’t be grateful for the lost of love one, for someone sick in the hospital or for the short financial struggles, right because is evident that makes us so sad and incomplete. The beautiful side of this is that few people can see struggles, pain, and turbulence with a different vision, we get caught up what is so real than focus on the reasons why something might be happening with us.

We lose ourselves and make sure we fight for materials and get our needs met, but we don’t fight so much for our being, to sit still, be still and let thoughts just come and go, breath and just be present. The moment I start to take that challenge to sit still and be more present, I felt like my world, the mind was not spinning in million miles anymore. I could see more of the things that It was hidden back in my brain to just see life at a different angle or even just be grateful for what I am experience now.

We live in a world where is spinning too fast and we try to catch up and we tend to miss a lot, and we need to constantly remind ourselves that is not about the other neither just myself, but certainly is about ourselves, I have my time but I also would include the others in my time.

Unfortunately, technology took us away from too many things already but is too late to refocus, to a re-grain presence, especially at the end of a year of so much to be reviewed and remembered. Take some time today or any other day or even add a daily practice to sit still and be present let your thoughts bring good things to remember, ideas to fruition, or just be because that is most important.

A Priest once told me something so motivating “be grateful is like praying twice and receiving more of just simply asking” That is stuck in my head over and over but thankful for those moments that we gain more clarity and reasons to be more grateful of life.

My Top Gratitude

  1. I finally made my trip after 15 years not seeing my family. I moved to this country and wait for 15 years to finally be able to go back and forth anytime I want.
  2. I have always believed that I would find the one. I have met an adorable, sweet and caring man that makes my daily life much easy, and I am happy.
  3.  I am very grateful for working with the big social media network and not perfect but everything comes in our life for a reason, it wasn’t for this job I would be knowing what I want to do next, and not even meeting the man who makes my life much shining.
  4. I have finally made a big surgery and knock out the most painful experience I had. Last April I did my surgery and glad I made choices that I never had to ask anyone, I was proud of myself for making the wise choice of doctors and thera!py and achieving a good recovery. I am finally feeling 95% better. I will reach 100% when the time comes.
  5. Grateful for 2017 been full of accomplishments and bucket list checked. I hope 2018 be filled with more to accomplish.


Happy Holidays




Cool Gifts Ideas For Everyone


I know Christmas is a big deal but sometimes is sad not giving or receiving anything, but still possible to find touch gift that would make anyone happy.  Situations are striking us to spend a better giving Christmas spirit with loved ones which are the most important out of all the gifts. Therefore is still a chance to keep on a budget by getting amazing useful gifts that anyone would love to have it. Check this list and if you are interested to make your holiday shopping easy.


  • I love Stainless cups and nothing better than a warm hot chocolate or coffee anywhere you need without the cold weather ruining the warm. I have one and is an amazing cup http://amzn.to/2nnP5oL
  • WINE CUP – wine Cup Cooler – I am a wine lover and this cup is must have for all seasons. http://amzn.to/2j3Z79W
  • CABLE STORAGE: Sorting cables while you are traveling is sucks, I travel and I do spread cables of my devices everywhere and that is totally annoying, but with this storage case, things are much easier and accessible and can go anywhere with you while you are traveling. http://amzn.to/2jwScpo
  • MAKEUP BRUSH SET: Every Lady needs a new set of MakeUp Brushes and this one does the job! http://amzn.to/2j3YNrK
  • WINE BOX: I am a wine lover and love all kinds of wines, but when things are tight I get the boxes and is just amazing and these wine boxes make a statement really well. http://amzn.to/2nee2mB
  • WINE SERVING: Wine needs fancy serving I saw this at Thanksgiving dinner and It was super cool and amazing gadget. http://amzn.to/2AgMgKY
  • AMAZON ECO: I have this one and love it, it really helps is like an extra hand around – http://amzn.to/2kbL4CP
  • KINDLE FIRE: if reading is your thing definitely this comes in handy and also can do a lot of things for such product and I love mine and truly recommended. http://amzn.to/2kbRqSE .
  • MIC TO YOUR YOUTUBE BUDDY: http://amzn.to/2jAKxq2
  • YOGA MAT WITH EXERCISES: http://amzn.to/2idlp8g
  • WOMEN SLIPPER:  http://amzn.to/2ibMybR
  • 8 WHISKEY PIECES SET –  http://amzn.to/2ibYM4b


Happy Holidays!