How to Comunicate without losing it?

We communicate with peers or anyone around us daily basis and is essential to state clear question, to receive clear answers, but not always the word you place in question is same meaning in context, as instance compassion for you might be something totally different for me, while the dictionary might check one of our meanings or none. Curious to say, I spent years in coaching classes and coaching relationship communications back in 2007 when social media start to transfer voice to online versus face to face, while some have been placing silence in the real world others are not so worried about communication techniques or practicing placing a positive two-way road dialogue.
To carry a win win talking with your peers suggest this simple phrase when you do find the opportunity.


 What do you mean by_____________?
Then share your meanings and see what understand you can contribute to having positive and great communication in all scenarios of life. We tend to take this exercise as teaching us to accept one another as they believe and not make changes where is not such strong right or wrong.
Remember that we have two ears for one reason and one month. To listen more and speak less. As long as you will speak the essential only then you are doing great!
See you!

No Inspiration For A Long Time

Hi, Everyone!




It’s been such long time not keeping up with my blog. I am super away recovering from the surgery, still on my 11-week post op PT sessions and soon I am going to see my doctor for my 3rd post op appointment. The doctor will update me on everything. I am still working hard, and back at work, focus, my mind gets fried by Fridays I am completely exhausted, this past weekend I just felt like sleeping, it was crazy. All day clicking buttons is not an easy task, is more a challenge, than ever. I get home and I am literally ready to chill and sometimes to just catch on my sleep.
Forget about this boring work talking and let me share the greatest thing I want to share with you all.  I am so excited to announce my new goals for 2017 which I am studying hard in Digital Media Marketing and intend to scale my skills not to up high, but with the intent to get there. Work is stressful, and if your job is not please recommend me because I can sign a deal today.
I am spinning my brain into digital marketing topics, learning, absorbing. What is very cool about the process is that I just can absorb all but is hard to put all in writing, I am just taking baby steps, it similar to learning a language process. Takes time to read, speak, understand and master writing, right? The most exciting of learning everything is that I am very passionate for that, and without passion is tough to make work and succeed. I am very grateful for my current job that actually leads me to discover what I enjoy doing. I know things are not that easy but I think is very important to find one single glimpse of light somewhere, way hard to spot on and be thankful for… heck! if you think int he brighter side things could be way worst!

I am so excited with my new toy which is a brand new Mac computer where I can do all sorts of work on it and easy and fast, super excited and which makes me work more than I used to on a Chromebook – Super Happy! While I was working I was writing my first digital media tip ever, which is….. Blogging! I know I have been not blogging much, but my brain cannot share in two that quick!

I feel so in debt with my readers, OMG! I am taking so many classes that get a point my mind blows away and I don’t have time for a workout and meet my friends Eventually, all this will be balanced. Work and Study is a challenging task but sets you off in the future.

Blogging for me It was always something to share, now things seem so peaceful and so grateful… better whisper before things change.  Funny I am saying this, I just created a new blog just for my digital media marketing and hope I get great supporters and great people interested to learn, and to share.

Here is my new survey link from my first project I invite you to take few minutes and answer 4 questions, and won’t take more than 3 minutes and check the bonus question as well. I wish you all a Happy Success and let’s keep blogging.


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Say Yes When You Are Saying No 

Yes, sometimes is just like that! We get invited to places and we throw out excuses “I am too busy” ” I have a lot of work to do” ” I can’t this time” ” “money is too short” etc… the basic trick of life is experiencing. I confess that life is not roses here, recently recovering from a surgery, away from work, and feeling extremely limited physically and financially speaking. I will tell you the ugly truth is that without money you don’t do anything but with friends around is always a room for chance to cheer someone up, to give some source of entertainment, there is nothing more exciting to be assisted in moments like this – that won’t put you back on the track but helps to live life still thinking is a good life, despite the odds.

I am grateful for having an amazing healing after my Hip Labrum Repair/ FAI  surgery and feeling positive but is, unfortunately, a long process and requires patience and dedication and money.

I didn’t want to get out feeling blah! But I say yes when I didn’t want to and took the opportunity to accept my boyfriend’s invitation to invite me to his parents home and enjoy the moments the scene and landscape. It truly raining cats and dogs here but didn’t impede us to have a great time outdoor and movie nights.

It just amazing when you open yourself up to experience new things when you feeling the worst! Oh boy, but those mojitos were fantastic and pretty much numb my senses and woke up like ” yes, I drank a lot”. It is been fun down here but definitely is something worth to experience and to make a difference! Been locked up at home with no social life truly drives me crazy but getting the final note of medical excuse and soon to be discharged. One more week and back to work!

Got to yes when I want to say no! Ha!

I  hope to be a smooth transition back to my old routine.

Hopefully, that works!

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Hip Labrum and FAI – PT Recovery

Hey, Folks!

Well, is been few days but I took more time to rest and get myself more organized this past few day. I am very happy to share that I have started my PT sessions and found a great place to kick off with great professionals; not much work to start out, but I had a great opportunity to know what to expect in the next sessions ahead.

I felt sore next day but very mild, nothing painful. I handled!  I have done some stubborn walking around the house. Urg… Dangerous, girl!

I had also last week my first post op appointment and things seem smooth like a butter. The doctor said I am doing great compared to some of his patients, is not everyone recovers in the same level. Recovery is a crucial part of going back feeling 100%. It truly depends on how much I am dedicating to continue the healing and requires a bit of discipline to keep up with good work.

The doctor also responds few questions but the good one is that  I can workout upper body and stay 5 weeks on crutches and have 8 weeks of PT once a week. So it isn’t bad as it looks, plus it isn’t forever.

Part of the whole deal feels like the time is going slow, but when I look back and see how much I survived it is amazing. The worst has passed!

I also had a good opportunity to do amazing things at home, like blogging, catching up with my fave shows and movies.

I love it all parts of the resting, but if you ask me if I would do all over again, I would but differently.

Yesterday, I submitted a feedback review for the Hospital as they requested and I had to be quite honest – I was rushed out after recovery like crazy, it was really stressful, zero respect!  OM goodness! I would never go back to that hospital again, for sure.

Let’s focus on the now, right?!

I did tons of things that put me into full recovery mode, mind, body, and soul! I hang at the pool this weekend 90 degrees here in Austin TX, super hot this Saturday. It feels nice to do something light and outdoor that don’t require much of my physical. I was super boring the entire weekend, for someone super active like me as to put up with the slow motion life, it the truly tough habit to grasp!

Anyways, I feel like new person adjusting at this point. I am back at work and feeling frustrating a little bit, part of the big frustrations are the walking around in crutches, it is tough, bathroom, lunch room, and halls back and forth. I stay in a special desk that raises when needed so helps 90% of the time.

My second PT appointment will be Thursday and hopefully will be a great one! Can’t wait! Super Excited! I am looking forward to the recovery.

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My Surgery Experience – Hip Arthroscopy Tear Labrum Repair and FAI

Post op 7th Day Recovering

One week is gone and I am still recovering with some pain but no medications thankfully, which has caused severe constipation and I finally had my bowel movement, halleluiah! After dramatic crying on my boyfriend’s shoulders, I decided to take the glycol powder laxative is very mild if taking right dosage. Amazing how that helped me; it is been a painful process but is the best. I had that from the previous time I had to take medications for pain, during my car accident recovering and felt constipated but never needed to take Glycol just change nutrition intake was enough to help me to make things change.  At this time it was really bad and I took Glycol with some water and boom! Such a relief feeling! Oh boy!

I am now for 7 days at home and been dealing with a crap TWC internet service which is the most dramatic process ever. Three technicians came to my house to fix a drop internet service – one week 3 tech visits, seriously?  and I have been paying cheap service to check emails and browse online which in one year never had problems but this time has been a nightmare.

I attempted to call research the opportunity with AT&T and sucks I can’t have it approved because ATT claims a $1000 bill in data usage of my old wireless account of  3 years ago for 10 years of relationship I had with them and since they can’t proof in papers what is the issue, they just went ahead and deny service. Beautiful, huh?! This is the world we are living! Not surprising I have been receiving checks of refunds of data for their lost lawsuits with federal trade department and each time proofs AT&T is under watch.

I have been having a terrible experience with Spectrum former TWC and imagine why someone bought it! I don’t see any future with this companies. I heard serious stories that I am from those technicians visiting my place, and didn’t sound professional but is the reality of this monopoly game with companies like this – they don’t deserve to succeed by misleading people while consumers are paying for a service and no service is been provided. It is super wrong!

Back into my recovering… I have been having a lower back pain and as I am looking for any form solution besides ice and heating pad I decided to flip my mattress to sleep, even though my mattress is not the double side, I had to flip anyways because we seemed to be syncing in a South Arabian sand called desert of Sahara while sleeping and I am waking up feeling awful body pain.

Socially speaking I had my first out and about and went to a happy hour and happy day and then we went to a karaoke see a couple of friends and left early, just a chill day for a chill couples. Funny how people look to you while walking in crunched, they are seeking the problem by X-ray vision on you and the problem is hidden!  Some people ask if I did hurt my feet I literally said: why my feet look fine!!!

Anyways…It was great, and confessing my sins I drank a little bit but my boyfriend was driving and since I’m not taking any medications it was great to feel normal for a bit. At least! Couple beers don’t kill!

It truly sucks not having full motion of your body and not able to be walking, as not yet fully active – I am slow motion person and no moving and the recovering is very long for someone who is zero patient with life and like me. I can handle but takes a lot bump on the roads to keep going.

At this point I am trying my best here to deal with the short-term leaving paycheck which will be less than I can manage and also with the pressure of the small medical bills and the monthly bill that I normally pay, it sucks the whole medical thing not only messes your body but your life in general. Some things are really stressful. Sometimes I feel completely losing my mind; hopefully things can change soon but for now, I am still grateful.