My Surgery Experience – Hip Arthroscopy Tear Labrum Repair and FAI

Post op 7th Day Recovering

One week is gone and I am still recovering with some pain but no medications thankfully, which has caused severe constipation and I finally had my bowel movement, halleluiah! After dramatic crying on my boyfriend’s shoulders, I decided to take the glycol powder laxative is very mild if taking right dosage. Amazing how that helped me; it is been a painful process but is the best. I had that from the previous time I had to take medications for pain, during my car accident recovering and felt constipated but never needed to take Glycol just change nutrition intake was enough to help me to make things change.  At this time it was really bad and I took Glycol with some water and boom! Such a relief feeling! Oh boy!

I am now for 7 days at home and been dealing with a crap TWC internet service which is the most dramatic process ever. Three technicians came to my house to fix a drop internet service – one week 3 tech visits, seriously?  and I have been paying cheap service to check emails and browse online which in one year never had problems but this time has been a nightmare.

I attempted to call research the opportunity with AT&T and sucks I can’t have it approved because ATT claims a $1000 bill in data usage of my old wireless account of  3 years ago for 10 years of relationship I had with them and since they can’t proof in papers what is the issue, they just went ahead and deny service. Beautiful, huh?! This is the world we are living! Not surprising I have been receiving checks of refunds of data for their lost lawsuits with federal trade department and each time proofs AT&T is under watch.

I have been having a terrible experience with Spectrum former TWC and imagine why someone bought it! I don’t see any future with this companies. I heard serious stories that I am from those technicians visiting my place, and didn’t sound professional but is the reality of this monopoly game with companies like this – they don’t deserve to succeed by misleading people while consumers are paying for a service and no service is been provided. It is super wrong!

Back into my recovering… I have been having a lower back pain and as I am looking for any form solution besides ice and heating pad I decided to flip my mattress to sleep, even though my mattress is not the double side, I had to flip anyways because we seemed to be syncing in a South Arabian sand called desert of Sahara while sleeping and I am waking up feeling awful body pain.

Socially speaking I had my first out and about and went to a happy hour and happy day and then we went to a karaoke see a couple of friends and left early, just a chill day for a chill couples. Funny how people look to you while walking in crunched, they are seeking the problem by X-ray vision on you and the problem is hidden!  Some people ask if I did hurt my feet I literally said: why my feet look fine!!!

Anyways…It was great, and confessing my sins I drank a little bit but my boyfriend was driving and since I’m not taking any medications it was great to feel normal for a bit. At least! Couple beers don’t kill!

It truly sucks not having full motion of your body and not able to be walking, as not yet fully active – I am slow motion person and no moving and the recovering is very long for someone who is zero patient with life and like me. I can handle but takes a lot bump on the roads to keep going.

At this point I am trying my best here to deal with the short-term leaving paycheck which will be less than I can manage and also with the pressure of the small medical bills and the monthly bill that I normally pay, it sucks the whole medical thing not only messes your body but your life in general. Some things are really stressful. Sometimes I feel completely losing my mind; hopefully things can change soon but for now, I am still grateful.



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