My Surgery Experience – My Hip Artrhoscopy Labrum Repair and FAI – Part 3

Post op day 5:

That morning I took one surgical dressing off. I was scared, but the incisions looked good. The other incision is still with butterfly straps on it and did not come off yet.   I was also instructed to watch for fluid that oozed a green/yellow color, which may also be a sign of infection. As instructed, I replaced dressing with a few breathable, sterile band-aids over the incisions after a shower, I try to keep the area always dry and for today was pretty ok, not many changes but it was hard sleeping and the pain in the glutes and lower back keeps oscillating. I put ice in the morning. The night was ok… but still dealing with constipation and no bowel movements yet. Last night I tried to put some heating pat on the back to see if releases the tensions.

No medications are taken except for a simple Tylenol before bedtime. I could manage the pain and deal with a clean organism with those pain meds that just makes me more constipated and more feeling wacky Incisions Day 6, labrum arthroscopy

Incisions Day 6

Today is my day 6 of recovering –  Happy Hump Day! Last week today I was ok, today it is not okay, but I got out of my room and went to the pool just to get some sun and feel better. I had a nice dinner cooking food from hometown. I felt better. Felt like is slowly getting better.

I spent the whole afternoon without the stocking because that thing really annoys but I will wear at bedtime.

I still have one incision still intact nothing came out yet. I have band aids on it to make sure is fine.  I feel fine but limping and walking with crutches for support and not twisting the hips.


I took a lot of rest this morning and had late lunch at 3 pm. I had some mash potatoes and steak leftovers from last night for lunch. I feel more normal, but still no bowel movement. I literally stop the meds thru the day nothing was taken and decided to easy on the intake and had nothing heavy for breakfast just my normal yogurt with Probiotics and decided to just drink more water than normally I take and have some faith. I went to the pool and chill out for a bit was nice outside nice breeze and warm feeling. It was hard to sit still on those pool chairs the back hurts I have to keep spinning like a rotisserie chicken.

Also had a nice Brazilian meal for dinner that felt like been home during pain recovering.

I hope that I can sleep tonight.




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