My Surgery Experience – Hip Arthroscopy Labrum Repair and FAI. Part 2

Post op Day 4 

The pain is much less than before but still constipated and going thru a massive flow of period that should have stopped. I am taking the fiber powder to help with eating less but getting things moving. I decrease the pain pills for one a day because I hate to take something that is not making more benefits only constipating and somehow increasing my headaches.  I kindly did some housework with my partners in crime – my crunches  around the apartment, just light things, but is not good to cross the limit then I  shower and ice the hip most of the day and had some rest, by the evening we went out to dinner in a nice Japanese Restaurant and we had to request to sit in the booth because the tiny tables would make hard to get out and I can’t even try or play in twisting the hip.  I did not get lots of done but felt like I did … I have a hard time with the exhaustion but overall a slight improvement.

I have been very tired but trying to taking slow and be patient. I don’t have much help here since my whole family is in Brazil and my boyfriend is been working during the day and most of the people are working during the day.  I do my best and pray for the best.

The are is still bruising and the butterfly band-aids still on it did not fall yet. Noticed how swollen is it but the icing is going to help.

Hoping the next will be better. I already schedule PT for next week and can’t wait to start the official recovery.


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