My Surgery Experience – Hip Arthroscopy FAI Labral Repair Part 1

First 3 days and First experience in this recovery process.

For the first five days were rough, although I was in better shape than I had expected to be. If you are needing to have this surgery, make sure you have help 24/7 for the first 5-7 days. I needed help with *everything*, especially getting up to go to the bathroom overnight. I am stubborn and on the 3 days I kind of tried doing things on my on and just felt frustrated and went to the shower and cried my pain out.

Week 1 recovery from labrum and FAI hip arthroscopy.

The evening after surgery: I was surprisingly exhausted coming home from surgery, especially with so many meds I couldn’t get up at all and my alert state was super weak., but then physical fatigue set in within an hour. I started waking up two hours after surgery about four hours after my surgery, and dosed up with pain meds on IV and then continued to take it every four hours. At the three and a half hour mark, the surgical pain would start to come back and I knew I was almost ready for another. I never asked for meds for pain such desperation The one downside for me was that my mouth very dry, I needed water constantly. At the pos operation room I was itching my ass off and I couldn’t stand it was really annoying me and makes me super itching. I had to get up to use the bathroom before leaving a lot with all the water consumption, and all the fluids given during surgery. I tried using crutches but was very unstable on them. I decided that my boyfriend could help me I was adjusting but felt frustrated because the nurses were putting pressure to me to leave and felt awful I could fully awake it was really hard. I pee and got dressed and they didn’t let us take our time to go slow it freak hurts and the nurses not even let me stay one night. It was hard. Omg!

The regular toilet seat is low but is life! As far as going to the bathroom, I needed help for the first few times, and also discovered that wearing underwear was challenging – one more thing to pull up and down over my dressing – so I couldn’t not ditched that for a few days and made sure to wear something more loose (but appropriate, having a surgery in the middle of my period sucks! But on the bright side with so many meds is no cramps at all – I also needed to keep my compression hose right away. In order to not have a blood clot is needed to use this pantyhose stocking helps with leg swelling and bruising is common because of the way that your leg is in traction for surgery – your leg is locked into a ski boot device and the leg is pulled to create more space in the joint for the camera and surgical instruments.

I was out and even didn’t see anything. Literally super out!

Leg discoloration from swelling

Overnight, We set an alarm on my Amazon eco every 4 hours to remind to take my next pill. Plus we got the lamps for the lights turn on and off my request.  Keeping on schedule with your pain medication is vital to a quicker recovery – if your body is busy fighting the surgical pain, it can’t use all of its resources to heal! The only thing I noticed at night was my surgical gauze under my clothes was dried and didn’t notice any leakage as expected. After 48hrs we removed the bandages and change gauzes,  it made sense that it was the bloody irrigation from the surgery (normal). It was just a little bit nothing that I would expect but didn’t increase in volume throughout the night. I just had so much headache and numbness was losing day after day.

Labrum Hip arthroscopy

Surgical Dressing, labrum arthroscopy

Post-op day 1: The morning was rough, I had barely any sleep overnight – partly due to the Medication effects and my alarm going off every four hours, and partly due to getting up at night to use restroom every two hours and my slow maneuvering with crutches I also had to sleep in one position all night, on my back wedged between two pillows to prevent rolling on my side, which was very awkward for me. My voice was also very hoarse the whole day due to intubation during the surgery. I also got some meds for the itching as well, to help decrease the itch while taking meds, I am taking Naproxen and OxyContin for few days –  I also started to take the stool softener to help with bowel movements – as I would learn as the days went on, Pills makes you VERY constipated. Started the softener stool on my 3rd day but I should have started on the first day. The hip was very sore, as to be expected, but my Quad muscles were tired and worn out with small movements. I tried using crutches more during the day and try to get up of this bed as much as I can so blood flows -I continued with preventative icing, icing the incision area with cooler machine and ice works most of the day not much worry of timing as much icing set in to be the best as I could ice the incisions and the side of the hip where I had muscle soreness all at the same time. I also found that the non-surgery leg and glute and neck was killing me were very sore from supporting all of my weight on the crutches.

The biggest surprise of the day was when my boyfriend talked to my doctor after surgery and from my surgeon stated that surgery went as planned and there were no surprises found, that was smoothly and no problems.  He saw the tear and stuck back on the bone and also saw large size bone and made shorter, to smooth the rotation as normal.

I’m very thankful I had the surgery when I did!

Post-op Day 2: That night I slept better! I woke up with my alarm every four hours for pain meds and also got up to use the bathroom every time I needed to make things more efficient for me and my boyfriend finally slept more ( he deserved ) I still used the crutches at night, I felt more stable in the dark. Upon waking in the morning I had a moderate spasm in my erector muscles in the lumbar spine, most likely due to sleeping in one position at night and my new crutches. I applied an ice in the core areas back to relax the muscles while sitting on my sofa, and that seemed to help quite a bit within minutes I continued to have intermittent Quad pain and twitching around the knee, but it was less frequent. I remove the pads and no linkages and just sore, and the numbness in the Quad was less as well. I was still tired from meds too much headache and could not understand much pain and my boyfriend got me some Tylenol but we cut the strong meds for some hours since I have the Tylenol because my head can’t stop bouncing. Still no bowel movement at that point, so I continued with my meds as prescribed, light meals and soups. I took my first shower since surgery and definitely needed assistance getting in and out. I was holding the handle the whole time and focus on washing my hair that was itching a lot and easy to reach shower and wash my hair and let the water run thru my body and didn’t wash the area much since it was the First shower. My shower did not have a sprayer attachment so I would not be easier for me either. I was with my Surgery legs stretched out. So not the greatest shower but felt like a million bucks. That was great better than nothing.
Post-op Days 3 – These two days were more of the same from Day 2, but movement started getting easier, partly because I had less swelling in the joint and tissue, and partly because I had some functional processes down to help efficiency and mobility. The twitching migrated to my calf and glutes on my surgery side and less in the Quad. I felt less of a need for pain meds at the four-hour mark but continued every four hours to keep the pain managed. Once again I took a shower on Day 3 Maneuvering in and out of the shower was a little easier, but I still needed help but I kind of refused to it. He also had to help me put on my compression hose, underwear and pants because I still could not bend down in forwarding flexion. Directions from the surgeon indicated strict guidelines to not rotate the hip in the joint and not put the hip info extreme flexion (forward hip hinge) more than 90 degrees to protect the labrum repair and anchored sutures. Icing the hip also continued every few hours. I did some housework that was quite a lot and pushed hard and I shouldn’t so my back hurts now but promised myself not doing again. I am not going to be stubborn anymore.

It sucks but the floors need attention and need to change the sheets and I was frustrated because something that I usually accomplished in an hr was done for over 5 hours. I am the freak neat person and guys don’t care about that part as much as I do.

I am back in the bed and icing over the wounds and the sore parts and just going to be laying in this bed for the rest of the days ahead.

Excuse me, going to be sipping a smoothie that my boyfriend just made it.

I will keep you readers posted about this progress of mine.




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