Good-Bye old year and Happy 2017



If you wish to repeat things in 2016, what would that be?

I believe you would say all the good things that happened thru out the year, right?

Well, I would wish that too, but we know is not always good things life is about to have – we don’t want bad things to happen, but is impossible to stop everything,  contrary to that we can be open for the changes and for the lesson life experiences brings.

I am grateful that I had 2016 full of ups and downs. Some experiences helped me be a better person, a better soul and be friendly to some and trace boundaries to others, the experiences I faced in 2016  was meant to be for me. I did not only achieved great things such as my legal residency in the USA for next 1o years, but I achieved the dream to work on a project that I enjoy every day. I felt like 2016 was wearing a new glasses or those Samsung gadgets that we wear and change our mind life dimensions but we get to live daily without glasses. Some moments were scary, were fun, were exciting and others were sad – Denying the changes in life is just like expecting anything to happen.

Our mindset and desire of life play a huge role in our lives. Wanting, needing and dreaming are part of life and when things happen we need to embrace fearlessly.

I have embraced a year of moments of the tear, joy, exciting, relief and new directions and things that I thought would be impossible was possible, things that I thought would not work out, it worked out.

Life brings opportunities and sometimes wake-up calls. 2016 was a year of awakening, discoverings, learning and healings. Building my relationship with my faith and with myself.

Some got to have so much and some others got to have nothing. Where were you standing?

The gratitude of the year relies on our hearts, the important things the living, the sharing, the blending and to make the best of our relationships in general. It is important to take a time to know who will be my future interactions, where we will go, see, visit? How we will achieve certain things or manage situations? and When things could be realistically fulfilled? What are the most influential past achievements I can always watch over again to continue to endure in this positive wave?

What? Where?, Who?, When? and How? are the great ways to guide you in this new 2017. Talking about a new year is just like another continuation of things nothing specifically changes but we wait that in 365 days in a year’s things will be noticeable.

I believe we all we have the gift to jump in 2017 with this ability to continue to fight, dream, and chase for things that are worth for each of us and to prioritize life.

For me, 2016 was a year word “faith and persist”.  What was yours? Maybe a year of endurance? Strenght? Faith?

2017 is the year that I have in mind to make changes in the things that I feel I could improve or be better. Despite what is my position or yours you can always make a room or space to better self emotionally, financially, and physically etc.

We all have to have one main goal is to accept who we are in the first place before you prepare and run for your new 2017.

2017 is number 1 year in numerology which means a year of beginnings and new things, new people, new, new and new! Image your life surround by new things! Doesn’t feel good new home, new clothes, new car, new books, everything new we get we tend to get excited about it, right? So, enjoy the new life will bring to you in this NEW year.

Don’t renew things accept the brand new in your life! Your battles will be over and I will be a NEW ME and you will be  NEW YOU in a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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